Hi there! I'm Rhiannon. I'm a wife, a dog mom of 3, home renovating and decorating obsessed 26 year old. Interior decorating has been a love and passion of mine since I was a child. My husband Bobby and I are on our second fixer upper and after a lot of encouraging words from friends, family and an amazing Instagram community, have decided to document it!

We are self taught DIY-ers and are strong advocates that home renovating doesn't have to break the bank. As high school sweethearts we watched a lot of HGTV and had it in our heads and hearts that we were completely capable of doing the work we were watching. At 21 years old we bought our first home in January 2014 and successfully flipped it. We are now onto our second, and have gutted it from the ground up.

Rhiannon Lawson Home is a platform for creatives to find inspiration, guidance, tutorials, product sourcing, reviews and community in their journey to create a home they truly love. A platform for people who think a home should be more than a place to live in but a work of art reflecting the people who live in it; who genuinely love, enjoy and feel at their absolute best or most peaceful in.

We hope you enjoy!