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We looked up a number of tutorials and blog posts on Pinterest before we tackled this project and took bits and pieces from several to come up with one that worked best for our space.

Unfortunately, we had a TON of pictures of this process but Bobby's phone got destroyed and we lost them all, so I'm going to do my best just explaining and this is going to be the simplest / quickest blog post EVER.

Our shopping list included:

  • 4 Billy Bookcases - $59 a piece

  • 4 extenders - $35 a piece

  • 8 Oxberg Doors - $30 a piece

  • 2 Sheets of 3/4 inch 4x8 ft MDF board - $21.69 a piece at Home Depot

  • 4 pieces of 1x4 trim - $7.84 a piece

  • Total = Roughly $700

The goal was to make them appear like thick custom shelves. We cut the piece in between the 2 shelves at 1.5 inches, put some glue in between the board and the shelves, clamped them and finished nailed it together.

            * we also put another piece identical to this in the back of the shelves to keep them even and flush.

For the outer shelves, we cut board 2 1/4 inch, glued, clamped and finished nailed.

Lastly, 10 1/4 pieces on the sides of the outer shelves and  1x4 trim around the top.

We also took a door to Home Depot and they were able to color match the paint perfectly.

As I said, there are a TON of these on Pinterest and I wouldn't get hung up on the measurements because it really is all about preference of thickness that you want and what looks best on the wall your doing!

I'm so sorry for the lack of photos, and I hope this makes sense! Of course feel free to comment with any questions!

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