Just for starters and transparency, this was not a DIY. It was a BIG job, in the middle of summer and took 2 weeks to finish with someone hired out to be here everyday. It would have taken Bobby and I months to complete this on weekends, so we contracted out.


My biggest reason in writing this blog post is the spread the word that YES you can paint your vinyl siding! It took me 2 years to convince my husband that this was true and that other people on the internet had successfully done it. There were NOT enough to convince him way sooner nor enough people answering his questions, so hopefully this will help any future worriers or skeptical spouses.

Our local Benjamin Moore has an amazing staff so we consulted with them a lot before taking this on. They make a very specific paint made for vinyl and we found a local guy who specialized in it.

The paint we were guided to go with was Regal Select Exterior REVIVE For Vinyl Siding - linked here

Bobby’s largest concerns:

  • Is there a warranty?

  • Will the paint chip?

  • Will it come off when we pressure wash?

  • Is it going to ruin the vinyl and we’re going to have to replace it anyway (a cost we flat out couldn’t afford)

  • Vinyl is flimsy - as it bends and moves will the paint crack?

The painter we went with offered a 7 year warranty guarantee. This was peace of mind right off the bat that if any issues came up he would be back out to fix it. However he was very confident that we wouldn’t be calling him.

The paint formula used almost goes on in sort of a hard plastic. This stuff is rock solid guys. I’ve also already pressure washed it several times and it hasn’t made any difference to it at all.

On the contrary to ruining the vinyl, it’s actually going to help protect it and make it last longer. Yay! We got a quote to completely replace the vinyl on the house and it was $12,000. We paid $3,500 to paint. That is a MASSIVE difference in price and a cost I would like to avoid as long as humanly possible.

Vinyl IS flimsy, but this doesn’t affect the paint at all. Our painter hand brushed the entire house to ensure that all nooks, crevices, cracks and openings were filled with paint thoroughly. He said some people spray them but it’s best to hand paint for this reason.

Worth noting: Vinyl does naturally expand and shrink with the weather (shrinks in the colder months, expands in the heat) and since we painted in the summer there are a few spots that have shrunk and show the old color during the winter. However, this doesn’t bother us. It’s not visible unless you look for it and no one is outside in the winter months anyway.


Overall: this was a great decision and use of renovation funds. Our house looks brand new for a couple grand.

Bobby and I did DIY the new deck boards, the new lattice and the beadboard ceiling and stairs.

We used bead board panels from Lowes and stained them, and deck board for the lattice.


We also ate Guacamole, drank beer and got in a fight over the ceiling. But how cute is Boone?

Vinyl Siding Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

Shutter Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Ice Formations

Deck & Beadboard Ceiling Stain: Benjamin Moore Semi Transparent Mystic Gold

Lighting: Lowe’s

  • Lattice was replaced with Deck Boards cut to length and painted

Things to come: Window Boxes, Garage Door Pergola