Our recent post about the progress and changes made to our living room was very well received so naturally next I thought we would head into the kitchen and show y’all what’s been happening in there.


  • Add warmth

  • More contrast and depth

  • Mixed woods

  • Modern Elements / Furniture


2018-01-06 03.45.01 1.jpg




This was the first purchase that jolted the change in this room. Once I laid it down against those white cabinets it was like a vision came over me and I knew the direction I needed to go. Suddenly the stools were clashing and my current decor wasn’t bringing the same level of contrast and depth as the rug now was.

2018-03-02 12.55.48 1.jpg
2018-01-06 03.45.00 1.jpg
LRM_EXPORT_130542121264405_20181007_120957499 (1).jpeg


No major changes here, just decor and styling updates. Finding pieces that added height to the upper shelf made it so much more visually interesting and takes your eye further, creating the illusion of higher ceilings. Rather than my all white and mint decor before, bringing in warm greys, creams, amber bottles and wood accents; differing textures, tones, metals and shape added a lot of life to this little space.

2018-01-06 03.44.56 1.jpg

I’m also striving to find higher quality faux plants that vary in texture in style. I’m hopeful one day I’ll be a real plant mom, I just don’t have the time at the moment.

2017-12-31 12.27.35 1.jpg


2018-01-06 03.44.55 1.jpg

It’s funny to me that I decorated with so much white previously because I loved it.. when ironically, I look at the before and afters I feel as though the white that’s still there pops SO much more than ever before against the wood and dark elements.

2018-01-07 03.14.17 1.jpg

The stools provide some much needed modern / sleekness to the space overall. I love the leather cream seats (they’re also very comfortable) and the dark wood / mixing woods worried me at first but it’s grown on me so much.


Adding in dark cutting boards, trays and cheese boards helped make them feel less out of place and more intentional. Rotation of color / element / tone is huge for me in a space.

2018-02-11 01.02.40 1.jpg


We got a new table ( thank you pottery barn outlet and 75% off sticker prices). We upgraded our white curtains to grey, bought this rug again but larger and added this modern little bench. I originally wanted orange chairs, but I was nervous to commit and spend the money, so these orange pillows have been hanging out here and I love them.

We also built a little catch all shelf / hook station and framed some of our bathroom wallpaper to sit on it because we just love it that much.


2017-02-02 03.10.07 1.jpg

It takes so much time to to get a home exactly how you want it and we still aren’t there 100 percent, but it’s such a fun process to be apart of and watch happen. Don’t be afraid to make changes, start over, sell things and add new! We’re always changing and evolving as people, why shouldn’t our homes with us?

Next on the list:

  • DIY Range Hood to replace microwave

  • Possibly a new fridge cabinet (we’re thinking black or wood)

Stay tuned!