I made a promise recently to try and start sharing more of the “during” process and less waiting around for things to be absolutely finished, completed and perfect before writing up a post about it. So, I’m trying to keep my promises and wanted to share our latest purchase!

2019-06-12 05 (4).jpg

I had my eye on these things for months. I put them in several mood boards for future homes and projects, basically daydreaming because I told myself I could never afford them (our old dressers we’re IKEA, we’ve really never bought expensive furniture before.) Still, I kept looking at them. Maybe no one would buy them and they would go to clearance, which is how I buy all of my Anthropologie goodies. Until one morning I checked on them and the website said two left in stock and my heart sunk. I agonized for a few days. How sad would I be if they we’re gone? Am I ever going to find dressers I love this much again? Is it worth the investment? Is it insane to spend thousands on furniture?

2019-06-12 05 (5).jpg

After waking up at 3:30AM for work and my brain immediately thinking “check if they’re still available” I decided I was going to buy them and hit place order. I’m not going to lie, I felt extreme guilt the next few days. Bob and I really aren’t big spenders. We do all of our renovations and home designs keeping in mind a budget. We shop sales, we wait for clearance, we don’t put things on credit, we do all the work ourselves for a reason, because we like saving money and being responsible with it. However, every once in a while certain things catch your eye and I think it’s okay to splurge. I haven’t stopped staring at them since they arrived and I genuinely think these will be a part of my furniture collection until I’m a grandmother.

2019-06-12 11 (3).jpg

The quality is amazing; they’re heavy, sturdy, the hardware and details are stunning and the marble top is GORGEOUS.

Moral of the story:

Find a balance. Invest in the one of a kind, high quality item your design heart can’t live without. Then blend it with items from thrift stores or Target! I personally think this creates a more interesting and unique space, even if you can afford all the high end items brand new.

2019-06-12 11 (2).jpg

If you’re anything like me, the spaces you spend time in everyday have a direct effect on your mood, stress levels, ability to relax and so much more. I think it’s something a lot of people aren’t in tune with or overlook, but it really does have an impact on us. Walking into our bedroom each day and seeing these will bring me joy for decades, and in my opinion that’s worth it.

Things to come:

  • The mirrors above the dressers no longer work, so I’m going to try and thrift some brass ones or maybe even some art work instead.

  • We have a bench arriving for the end of the bed next week that I am equally as excited about.

  • We eventually want to purchased a fabric / color headboard and bed in a king size.

In the meantime, Boone will be here sniffing the new furniture to make sure it’s safe to be in the house.


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